Breakfast in Maine and have afternoon tea in Canada: Just a 30-minute drive north to the closest border crossing, the Canadian border awaits travelers (with passports or passport cards). Step over the border into the Canadian maritimes and instantly feel the flavor of another culture: New Brunswick is one of Canada’s multi-lingual provinces, so you’ll hear French as often as English.  

  • Campobello Island is a Canadian island and home to Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt’s summer home, with free admission and tours.  The island itself is charming and full of nooks and crannies to visit and explore.
  • The Roosevelt-Campobello International Park, reached by a bridge from Lubec to the Canadian island, has 2,800 acres of deep forest, bogs, cobblestone and sandy beaches, and walking trails that follow the edge of the ocean. There are cooking grills and picnic tables overlooking million-dollar views.
  • Herring Cove Beach: On the ocean side of beautiful Campobello Island, N.B., is Herring Cove Beach, a two-mile-long ribbon of sand and gravel. The beach separates the salt water on one side and a mile-and-a-half long fresh water lake on the other side. It’s a perfectly delightful place to beachcomb, the view is spectacular and you have your choice of fresh water or salt water bathing.
  • Head along the coast on Route 1 (maybe stop in Eastport along the way) through Calais, Maine and into New Brunswick, Canada to visit the small villages along the coast:
  • St. Andrews is a beautiful resort village on the Bay of Fundy.
  • And make sure you stop somewhere for lunch: don’t forget to try (or indulge in) poutine – invented in Canada!

International Ferries:

You can leave from Eastport and 25 minutes later you are nosing onto the landing on Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada, after having skirted the second largest whirlpool in the world (it’s called the “Old Sow” because of all the smaller whirlpools or “piglets” that are constantly being created). There is a beautiful area for picnicking and camping site on Deer Island where you land.

Take time to explore the colorful, neat-as-a-pin fishing villages on the island and then drive aboard another ferry that will take you from Deer Island to Campobello Island. This was President Roosevelt’s summer escape and an international park with his 34-room cottage as the centerpiece is an exciting place to visit (see Campobello section). The park has a “natural area” with hiking trails, beaches to comb and picnics to picnic. Take a run to the far end of the island to have your breath taken away by the sight of East Quoddy Head lighthouse and a view of dozens of islands.

Having done all this, drive across the bridge to Lubec, a quaint fishing town, cook supper on one of the grills available at West Quoddy Head State Park and have someone take your picture at the easternmost point of the United States. This is where the rockbound coast of Maine begins. Now you can make your way back to where you started. Marvelous.

  • St John – Digby, Nova Scotia – Princess of Acadia –