Looking out across the snowy pines and down the wintry slopes of the mountain is a rush. This is Maine’s best-kept secret: the adventures and activities of winter. If you live for the chilly thrill of winter sports, you’ll love Maine in the winter. With more than 200 inches of snow fall annually, you’ll have the ideal winter wonderland for snowboarding, skiing or relaxing by a crackling fireplace.

  • Cross-country skiing allows the Maine winter sports enthusiast a chance to glide over the snow-blanketed forests, while downhill skiing provides an icy shot of adrenaline.
  • Maine has over 14,000 miles of spectacular snowmobile trails for sledding enthusiasts, including the well-groomed and well-marked Interconnected Trail System (ITS). And if dogsledding is an item on your bucket list, you can cross it off here, too.
  • If you love winter for its ability to provide hours of quiet reflection and the chance for serenity, a winter hike will bring you your moment of Zen. Oceanfront hiking trails (include hyperlink to the hiking section of this website) remain warmer in the winter thanks to the circulating waters of the Atlantic Ocean, leaving them open for wintry exploration.
  • Just because the lakes are frozen over doesn’t mean we stop fishing, either. Spend the day outside (or in a cozy shanty) with family and friends, or participate in one of the many ice fishing derbies around the state each winter.
  • Take a trip to see the Northern Lights: Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge is the place to experience the Northern Lights, and is about three hours from Machiasport. The park is a great place to experience the Aurora Borealis. Crisp clear winter nights are the most common for viewing, however sightings are possible in both spring and fall when magnetic storm activity is strongest.