As you go on the hunt for your lobster dinner, a quick local tip: Make sure you ask for “shedder” lobsters, which are lobsters in between growth spurts (they just “shed” their former crustaceous hide) which makes for a softer shell to crack!) 

If you opt to cook your own lobsters, cookbooks describing the process are in the kitchen, or an online guide can be found here. You will find all the equipment you need in the garage at Siren’s Song, in the cabinet labeled “Fish”. NOTE: we recommend you cook outside if you opt to use the propane burner.

Pick & Cook Your Own:

  • Bucks Harbor Marina: Pick out your own fresh lobsters near the pier – take ‘em home and cook ‘em!
  • Mother Shuckers: Nadine and Bob run a family lobstering business that makes everyone feel like family. If you call ahead (at 207-259-1254) you can reserve the number of lobsters you’d like. Local tip: Nadine almost always has lobsters for those who’d like them – so even if you haven’t reserved one – call and ask. She can usually make the lobster magic happen! Cash and Checks only.

Pick Your Own & Have it Cooked:

  • Hannaford’s Groceries: If you want lobster, but don’t want to cook it yourself, Hannaford’s deli area allows you to pick your own – and will then cook it for you onsite. And if you’re in a rush to shop, get home and make, say, lobster mac and cheese that night, they also have lobster meat for sale by the pound – cooked, shelled and ready to go. 

Order it Online:

  • BBS Lobster Trap: Just around the corner in Machiasport, you can order lobster from BBS’ Machiasport location online

Search for the best lobster roll (a quick “oral” history can be found here):

  • Riverside Take Out: Seasonally available, this take-out has what locals and summertime folk agree is the best lobster rolls in the area.
  • Bayview Take-out: When it comes to fried seafood, one of the best is Bayview Takeout located on Beals Island. It offers great service, great fried seafood, awesome onion rings and it was recently voted the best lobster roll in Maine.