No visit to Washington County would be complete without discovering the beauty of the beaches that form the boundary between the ocean and the land.

Long regular rows of blackening seaweed mark the passage of each tide. At the highest tide mark, just above the last row of seaweed you can see jumbled piles of driftwood, smoothed by the action of the sea.

And at the very lowest tide level, hidden in the deep fissures of the rocky sea beaches are the tidal pools – quiet islands of marine life separated by only a few feet from the pounding surf that offer a microcosm of the vast ocean.

There are multitudes of beaches to explore in the area (with some of the most unique aspects): Within a 40-mile ride you can discover beaches of three different colors: at Perry the sand is a deep red; at Bailey’s Mistake the beach is made of black volcanic sand and at Great Beach in Jonesport the sand is a pure white! Here are just a few others to get you started in the swimming and beach combing arenas:

Ballast Island Ledge Jonesport
Big Sand Beach Dark Cove Mountain
Campbell Shore Big Lake
Davis Beach Machias Bay
Dawn Marie Beach Grand Lake Stream
Grays Beach Roque Bluffs
Hold Shore Big Lake
Jasper Beach Machias
Jordan Beach Harrington
Roque Bluffs Beach Roque Bluffs
Roque Island Ledge Jonesport
Sandy River Beach Jonesport